Boss Ds1 distortion pedal modification kit
Boss Ds1 modification instructions

Every guitarist has sometime desired to be able to cut through the “sonic wall” produced by the rest of his or her band. This is specially needed when performing a solo. The Solo Booster kit has been developed for those who mainly use the distortion produced by their amps or who have another distortion pedal and would like to use their Ds1s as a booster to increase the output of their instrument. With the Solo Booster kit you will get much more output from your Ds1 and will get a much more liquid distortion and very appropriate for solo work.

Appart from the modifications performed to change the way in which your ds1 distors your guitar signal you will also be able to change the on/off diode for a high intensity blue diode (this mod does not affect the sound but lets other players not only listen but also see that yours is not only a stock Ds1). To carry out this mod you will only need to have basic soldering skills as the instructions are very easy to understand even for a beginner.


This kit includes all the electronic components you need to perform "The Solo-Booster" modification on your Boss Ds-1, full colour instructions and solder and desoldering wick. Worldwide shipping is also included in the 20$ price.
Wordlwide shipping included!